90210 Posters Tease New Romance, Major Confession

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The CW has released a pair of May Sweeps posters for 90210 and each reveals a major spoiler to come over the final season two episodes.

First, we hate to break this to Navid and Adrianna (Nadrianna?) fans, but the couple's seemingly obvious path back to one another is about to hit a major obstacle. A major, handsome obstacle that is - and his name is Javier:

90210 May Sweeps Poster

Meanwhile, it looks like Liam and Annie will soon grow closer, especially when the latter reveals her major secret to the former (while making the only face Sheane Grimes knows how to make, of course):

Annie and Liam Poster

Which of these storylines has you more excited? Do you wanna see Annie and Liam together? Or Navid and Adrianna back together? Sound off now in our 90210 forum!

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Adrianna: I think we've waited long enough.
Navid: For...?
Adrianna: Yeah.