A Special Thank You to Our Gossip Girl Readers

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We don't normally do this, but we just wanted to extend a special thank you - and apology - to our Gossip Girl fan community following this week's shocking season finale.

A lot of you apparently had a lot to say. Emphasis on a lot.

We experienced such high traffic volume yesterday that we had to upgrade to a third server to accommodate you all. We apologize for any inconveniences on Monday and Tuesday.

That said, thanks for visiting us so regularly and sharing your comments on all things Gossip Girl. Our problem - which won't happen again - were good ones in that sense!

Just as a reminder, we will be updating you with cast news, episode information, photos from the set, plus any and all Gossip Girl spoilers we come across all summer long.

Counting down the days until Season Four with you ...


Sultry Serena

Don't pout ... our server is fixed and Gossip Girl will return soon enough!

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