House Review: "The Choice"

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This was a solid episode of House.

While there wasn't as much Wilson and House banter as we'd prefer, there was a lot of depth to "The Choice," as the Patient of the Week provided us with a nice moral dilemma and we got a glimpse at the lonely, vulnerable situation in which House now finds himself.

That final scene was telling. How often do we see House at a loss for words, let alone witty retorts? He seemed utterly defeated when Cuddy invited him to dinner, worn down by the pity thrust upon him all week by Wilson and his bribery.

Unlike in the past, though, House seemed to understand and accept this lot in life. We'll see how long this lasts, we'll see if he returns to Vicodin and self-destructive behavior before the season is through - but for now, House is depressed and lonely... but also (mostly) clean, sober and (gasp!) nice.

He may show it in unusual ways, but House really was trying to help Taub's marriage. He really did seem to accept Wilson's arranged nights out for the sake of his pal's relationship. We've been anxious to see ways in which House has evolved this season and we got them last night.

But if they come at the expense of his own well-being and sense of self-worth, for how long will they last?

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As for the episode's patient, we were actually on his side for a bit. Sure, he lied and, granted, he went through with the ridiculous idea of a camp that can make one straight.

But if he truly loves his fiancee, isn't that all that matters? We thought so, until he final words to her after she called off the marriage: I have to marry you.

Sorry, dude. But when you feel like marriage is an an obligation because you wish to live a different lifestyle, you lose all pity points. Below, meanwhile, we've collected more House quotes from "The Choice."

            House: You're successful, smart and you attract everything that moves. If you wanna focus on the fact that you're not gonna see 50, that's your choice. | permalink

Dr. Cuddy: I just want us to be friends.
House: Funny. That's the last thing I want us to be. | permalink
House: Give me your head.
Ted: What the hell?
House: I know. It's the first time you've heard that sentence with a possessive pronoun. | permalink
Dr. Chase: Oh, drinks are on me and Foreman tonight.
House: Can't. Pap smear. | permalink
Thirteen: I'm gonna check out this new lesbian bar tonight.
House: Your life is awesome. | permalink
Dr. Wilson: I was telling a 39-year-old woman that she has breast cancer.
House: No, you weren't.
Dr. Wilson: How do you know?
House: Because if you were, you'd need to see the pain in her eyes so she could see the concern in yours. | permalink

The Choice Review

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House: I woke up in the wrong bed this morning.
Nurse Jeffrey: Any bed you're in is the wrong one.
House: That's not what your mama said. Oh! Snap.
Nurse Jeffrey: I'll be going now. To Human Resources.

Dr. Wilson: Just think of this as a dream.
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