Shenae Grimes Teases "Surprising" Season Three Developments on 90210

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Annie ran over a homeless man and killed him to conclude season one of 90210.

Ironically, this became the storyline that simply won't die. Fans have been distressed with the length of time it dragged on for, as well as the fact that it culminated in... nothing. Annie simply decided to confess to her parents on the season finale.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, though, Shenae Grimes says there's STILL more to come.

"I was really happy with the way our show runner, Rebecca [Sinclair], chose to handle the situation," she said. "While everyone else [was] going through their momentary incidents and dramas, this [was] kind of lingering with me the entire season, which was kind of daunting.

"She really played up the subtlety. But, we do finally get closure for Annie, or at least we think we do. Of course, no show will end in that pretty little package. So there are many surprises that you’ll see."

Please, 90210 writers, make them worthwhile.

Boat Ride

Grimes said the storyline's resolutions will bring in other characters, as well. Here are more snippets from the interview:

On the involvement of other characters: "We’ve gotten the hint that it may involve Teddy because of the whole license plate thing at the very beginning of the season... It does play kind of a key factor in the resolution of it all or the lack thereof. But it certainly involves more people and hopefully takes the onus off of Annie’s shoulders."

Will Jasper return? I have no idea. There’s no real indication as to where the character will go.

On Annie and Liam: The story doesn’t really evolve the way you think it will. They’re kind of misleading you a bit. The relationship and the closeness that Annie and Liam are forming is much more than just any physical attraction... I don’t think it will be the demise of Naomi and Annie again.

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