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Sandra once again shocked the Survivor establishment with her second victory on last night's season finale and our Survivor Round Table writers are excited to discussion the ramifications. 

Did Russell make the right decision to send Jerri to the jury?  Was his and Parvati's fate sealed anyway?  Should Sandra be called the best to ever play Survivor?  TV Fanatic's final three discuss these questions and more.

As always, our writers want to hear from the readers.

Who should Russell have taken with him to the final three?

Kakdaddy: My thoughts during the show were that he should have sent Parvati packing.  I still don't think he would have won because he comes off as so arrogant and abrasive that nobody was going to vote for him.

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Lady Gaga: He would have been better off taking Jerri, that at least would have gotten him a few votes. However, since it is the three person format he was doomed when he had to take either Sandra or Parvati. He couldn't get a handle on the social game and just expected the jury to roll over for him. Not the case.

Mr. Probst: After receiving zero votes, there might not be anything he could have done.  However, I think the story of Russell telling Parvati that he voted Jerri out because he was sure she'd vote for him really hurt his chances.  If he boots Parvati instead of Jerri, he might get votes from Coach, Danielle and Parvati at least. 

Could Russell or Parvati have said anything different to change their fate?

Kakdaddy: Probably not as it turns out the jury was too set on bitterness and hate to ever vote for the "best".  That isn't to say that Sandra wasn't deserving.  I thought she played one hell of a game and deserved everything she earned.  That final three was a true murder's row of talent.  Each dominated the game in different ways and deserved their seats.  Its just too bad that people so rarely vote for talent over the "I liked you" factor.  For once I'd love for someone on the jury to stand up and say to someone "You stabbed me in the back and blindsided me and for that you've earned my vote."  Too bad that will never happen.

Lady Gaga: I was proud of Russell for telling Danielle that he's wasn't going to say what she wanted to hear, often players pander to the jury. However, with the caliber of the survivors on the jury, he would have been better off trying to explain more about his strategy than just saying I play to win. For Parvati, she should have played up the other strategic decisions she made.

Mr. Probst: Parvati needed to distance herself from Russell as much as possible.  Play up that he was just a means to an end and almost a lead blocker for her.  She certainly tried to point out that Russell was the only one who'd be her friend, but the Heroes aren't familiar with what happened at the Villains tribe pre-merge.  I like that Russell made no apologies for how he played, but he needed to turn down the arrogance about his accomplishment. 

If Sandra was successful in voting Russell off, would she still have won?

Kakdaddy: Absolutely.  Too much Russell hatred it would have just raised the opinion of Sandra in the eyes of those who already voted for her.

Lady Gaga: Absolutely. She probably would have been in the finals with heroes but all she would have to say is "I kept you alive" in that wonderful accent with attitude.

Mr. Probst: While I would have tried to get rid of Russell as well, Sandra would have only played the roll of Candice or Colby for the Heroes.  They either would have disposed of her once they were done with her, a la Candice, or not let her make it to the final three, a la Colby.

With two titles, is Sandra the best Survivor ever?

Kakdaddy: Its hard to deny it, but I'd have to give the slight nod to Parvati.  Parvati plays a more complete game with her physical play, strategic moves and social prowess.  She also has dominated in two separate All-Star seasons - against the best the show has to offer.  Plus she's done it three times to Sandra's two.  If Sandra wasn't a complete waste in all challenges I might have given her the nod.  I'm just more impressed with what Parvati has accomplished.

Lady Gaga: She is good, but luck certainly played into it. I love Sandra, but because no one saw her as a threat (and come on do you believe for a second that it was her strategy to be bad at challenges?) they didn't mind keeping her around. Her "as long as it's not me" plan at tribal council has worked well twice. This season all of the survivors were intimidated by physical threats and let her fly under the radar.

Mr. Probst: As much as it pains me to say this, how could she not be?  Probst constantly talks about the impact the jury has on the game and that can't be denied.  JT called getting to the jury 50% of the game and winning the jury vote the other 50% of the game.  Russell only plays to make the final three.  Sandra plays to win the final three.  Even Parvati is going to have a difficult time saying that after sticking with Russell the entire time.

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What was your favorite moment from this season?

Kakdaddy: I'm going to go with my favorite player for this - Boston Rob.  Every single scene he was in was a pure joy to watch.  Its too bad he was sent home so early.  If choosing this way is too lame then I'll have to go with Parvati dropping two idols at tribal council.  That was also quite awesome.

Lady Gaga: There were a lot of great moments in this season but I think my favorite was Tyson's mistake. It showed how cunning Russell could be and was a major game changing moment. I remember being so mad at Tyson because I wanted Boston Rob to win the clash of the titans, but it was really amazing.  Rob telling Coach to pull it together was another great moment, basically any interview Rob did would also qualify because he is hilarious.

Mr. Probst: Hands down Parvati playing two hidden immunity idols in the same tribal council and neither for herself.  This was, without question, the boldest move in Survivor history and had wonderful ramifications.  Watching the Heroes faces turn from elation to shock as she gives the first idol to Sandra (who they were not voting for) and then Jerri (who they did vote for) was priceless.  And Russell was angry he didn't know about the second idol?  Even better.

Who's the best to ever play Survivor?

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