Survivor Round Table: "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

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A battle of the sexes almost broke out on last night's episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, but Parvati winning individual immunity may have saved her season and the season's of her female brethren.  With just one episode left this season, our Survivor Round Table writers got together to talk about how the final tribal councils will shake out.

Was Parvati really saved by winning immunity?  How unworthy is Colby for the Final Five?  Who are we rooting for?

As always, reader responses are encouraged.

Would Parvati have really gone home if she didn't win immunity?

Kakdaddy: Despite all evidence to the contrary from footage shown I'm not so sure.  At this point I find it impossible to predict anything that Russell does.  It seems like he had one of his moments of clarity after Parvati won where he must have realized that there was no hope of winning against the Heroes with the jury.  No telling if he has that moment if Parvati doesn't win, but I think he does. 

Random aside - why was Rupert so pissed after losing?  Sandra played an idol and only 4 votes had been shown.  He had zero chance of surviving that.  It (for once) wasn't Russell's fault.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: Not necessarily, it would have been a tie because confused Jerri wouldn't have voted for her. What is the tie procedure these days?

Mr. Probst: Clearly Russell has brainwashed Jerri and she'll now do whatever he says.  Russell, Jerri, Colby and Rupert - four votes against whomever Parvati and Sandra voted for.  However, Sandra's tricky and I could see her giving Parvati the immunity idol with the two of them voting for Russell.

Are you with Russell or against him?

Kakdaddy: While I'd really like to hear his incredibly angry and offensive jury question if he got voted out, I mostly hate when that happens and consumes the entire jury so for the remainder of the show I'm for him.  Plus he's insanely interesting to watch and I don't think the show is as good without him.  I'd also much rather see him lose a jury vote again and spend the entire reunion show pissed off.  He didn't deserve to lose last time, but he's made his bed this time.

Lady Gaga: I think playing in back to back survivors has made him even more crazy. However, at this point I would be against him, even if he is Russell Hantz! It was touching to see his human side, though I wouldn't put it past him to have hired that woman to play his wife.

Mr. Probst: How could you be against Russell?  Whoever defies him goes home.  Well, unless they win individual immunity or are named Sandra, who is apparently immune to Russell's intimidation.

Russell Listens In

Should Colby have sacrificed himself at tribal council for Rupert by throwing himself into the fire?

Kakdaddy: Granted he has been worthless in challenges, but there is still the chance that Russell goes postal and anything can happen in the game of Survivor, especially one that has been as volatile as this one has.  As the only Hero left he holds major jury power.  No need to give that up just so a more deserving player can continue.

Lady Gaga: Mentally he already did based on his body language at the end of tribal council.  I'm very sad by his disappointing performance, Jeff is going to lay into him on the reunion show.

Mr. Probst: Yes.  He has no business still being around.  When he heard Rupert was being voted off, he should have stood up and said "You know what, Jeff?  Rupert doesn't deserve to go home, I do" and jumped into the fire pit.

Rank the odds of the remaining castaways to win from worst to first.

Kakdaddy: Jerri (doesn't stand a chance); Sandra (with powerful answers could vault ahead); Russell (everyone hates him, but as long as he isn't going against a Hero he can get votes because he was a major player); Parvati (especially if she gets rid of Russell - she could even beat Colby and I think is the only Villain with a legitimate shot)
Colby (If he makes the final three somehow, he's got it in the bag.  Thus, he has a three in five shot of winning).

Lady Gaga: Colby, Jerri, Russell, Sandra, Parvati.  Yes, I said it, I think Parvati will win. I am impressed by her killer instinct, despite her oddly shaped face.

Mr. Probst: Jerri, Colby, Sandra, Parvati, Russell.  Until someone dethrones the King of Samoa, I'm not going to bet against him. 

Who do you want to win?

Kakdaddy: I'm rooting for Colby to pull off the impossible.  How cool would it be if he just decided to rip off a string of victories?  I'd love to see Sandra win and how angry Russell would be and I wouldn't mind it if Parvati won.

Lady Gaga: Sandra because she is hilarious. Her telling Russell that she is against him was a great moment.  She also killed at tribal council by saying she didn't want to go home with an immunity idol in her bra.

Sandra Shocks the Survivors

Mr. Probst: Ever since Boston Rob went home, I've wanted Sandra to win.  However, Parvati's dedication to winning is impressive and winning me over.  Based on competing in the challenges and strategizing, she's the most deserving to win.

Who will win Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?

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