Jack: I won't ever forget what one life's worth. If we're going to win this war we can't go off the rant - we can't lose sight of who we are.
Erica: Jack's right - we can't ever be like them.
Ryan: See, that is what Anna does - she takes our emotions and uses it against us.
Kyle: You call yourselves freedom fighters - you can call yourselves rebels, but make no mistakes kids we're terrorists now. You're willing to bear that cross now so that people can sleep well at night?
Erica: Yeah.
Kyle: Why?
Erica: Because we are the only ones willing to.

Erica Evans, Ryan Nichols, Jack Landry
V Season 1 Episode 10: "Hearts and Minds"
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V Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jack: Hold on, we are talking about blowing up a shuttle?
Kyle: We are talking about blowing up a V shuttle.

Jack: I suppose you could do better.
Erica: I don't want to embarrass you - more.