Leverage Review: "The Inside Job"

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Ok, let’s go steal ourselves a Parker.

The first episode in tonight’s Leverage pairing, "The Inside Job," gave us our first real glimpse into Parker and what really makes her tick. It was an excellent installment from top to bottom. 

The highlight for me was Richard Chamberlain as Archie Leach, Parkers mentor and father figure. Richard looks amazing and played an incredibly suave and dashing criminal that would do Thomas Crown proud.  It was easy to imagine him as the one person Parker calls “sir” and looks up to as a role model.

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The dynamic between Parker and Archie reminded me that many of us in life (me included) don’t always get to pick who our paternal influences are.

In a world with the divorce rate seems to always be climbing and more single parent households develop each day, we may find ourselves in need of paternal guidance from someone other than who would normally be expected to fill that role.

For me, I am thankful everyday for the people who influenced me to find my own path and encouraged me to do what I love. While Parker may have started as a simple thief, I love the fact that she is growing into so much more.

We are only three episodes in to this season and I have say that the writing is some of the best on TV. It seems that every character is growing a little every episode and with episodes like this, where one character is featured, I have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Do you agree? Was Richard Chamberlain believable as a suave cat-burglar? Sound off now, and give props to the influential people in your life while you're at it!

The Inside Job Review

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Ok, let's go steal ourselves a Parker.


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