Lie to Me Review: "The Whole Truth"

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On "The Whole Truth," we started with Cal working against his ex-wife Zoe - and ended with them both on the same side.

This episode showed a very unusual side of Lightman. We discovered that he really enjoys being on a witness stand. I do not think I have seen the character smile as much in all of season two as he did when he was up there. It almost seemed that Cal got a little juiced on the stand, like he was performing for a crowd more than being questioned by a lawyer.

It was awesomely written and beautifully acted by Tim Roth (ok, I admit I might have a little man-crush on Tim. But, he is awesome, who wouldn’t?).

We also got to see some great banter between Eli and Tia that was fun to watch. Clearly there is some attraction going on between these two and this talk showed how Eli was quick to be a little jealous and a lot curious about Tia’s romantic/sexual history. Elsewhere, the conversations between Zoe and Cal were well done. In the end, we found out that Cal was doing all of this to protect Zoe, which was both touching and sweet.

We can easily see how these two must have been when they were married.

Telling the Whole Truth

The character I am most curious about at the end of the show is Clara Musso (wonderfully played by Melissa George). There was some sort of connection with her and Cal that was near tangible when she was asking about the women in his life.

I expect we may see her come back again at some point given the hook “I need someone I can trust." I hope we do see her again; it’s nice to see Cal smile more and be flirtatious.

Lastly, the intellect in me especially liked Cal’s explanation that “the whole truth” could never be known, as truth is subjective and it passes through our own filtering system. Further, that it was rare that the whole truth ever comes out in a court room.

It was fitting that this case was the instance where he freely admitted at the end the whole truth had come out.

So, what did you think of this week’s episode? Did you like this new friendlier, funnier Cal? Do you think he and Clara will be seeing more of each other? Should Eli and Tia get serious? Check out the best Lie to Me quotes from the week and comment away!

Melissa George on Lie to Me

The Whole Truth Review

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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Clara Musso: There seems to be a lot of chemistry there with your ex-wife
Cal Lightman: Yeah, well there's a lot of chemistry in Chernobyl.

Cal Lightman: Nobody can tell the whole truth, it's subjective, and passes through our own filters.
Judge Quinn: How about you promise to be honest to the best of your ability?
Cal Lightman: Now you're talking!