Hung Review: "Mind Bullets"

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This week's episode of Hung went by quicker than Usain Bolt running the 100-meter dash. 

Comedies feel just right as a half hour show, but since this series doesn't feel like a comedy, the 24 minutes of running time leaves me needing more.  There just isn't enough development here for a drama-esque show. 

On "Mind Bullets," we start with Ray trying to connect with his kids while taking them on a jog. I was going to begin by complaining that the relationship between Ray and the children is so drastically different than in season one, but then I realized something:  They're teenagers. 

It's in their nature to change so quickly.  Because the two of them are currently going through major problems with kids at school, they're relating it to their father and taking it out on him.

A Real Pimp

The kids explain to Ray that he wouldn't have been friends with them in high school, so Dad tries to prove them wrong.  Just like Jessica did last week, Ray tries to connect with his kids the only way how.  In his case, it is showing off his one "interesting" friend and repeating things she says.

Tanya chose a foreign film for Ray, Damon and Darby to join her at.  When Ray asks her why she chose it, Tanya replies: "There's a deeper meaning...look for it."  When Darby asks the exact same question of her father, he states "There's a deeper meaning...look...try to find it."

Although he might not have accomplished anything this week, Ray was kind of on his game from a comedic stand point.  My favorite was later on in the movie theater when Tanya's new dog wouldn't stop barking and he let out: "Come on! People are trying to sleep in here."

I didn't want to have to mention the Tanya and Lenore battle in this week's review, because they're storyline continues to be the same thing over and over again, but I already mentioned the dog so here goes:

Tanya once again gets frustrated by Lenore taking advantage of her. Instead of screwing her out of commission, this time the red-headed beauty broke into Tanya's house and stole her brand new, Lanvan sweater.  Tanya once again seeks advice from Charlie the Pimp at the doughnut shop.  He tells her to f*ck with Tanya by shooting her "mind bullets."

When Lenore puts the stolen sweater on in front of Tanya, all bets are off and she is ready to shoot as many mind bullets as she can.  Her revenge is to steal Lenore's little dog, Horny Patty.  Again, this is the type of fighting we've seen so many times before.  And when Tanya goes back to return the dog, Lenore opens the door with a new dog, Horny Patrick. 

Those mind bullets brush off Lenore like she's the Smoke Monster from Lost.

With all the craziness of Tanya and Ray, Jessica is slowly but surely becoming the heart of Hung.  Once again she had me eating out of the palm of her hand as she struggled with her marriage.  She's desperately fighting the urge to leave Ronnie, because she doesn't want to get divorced for a second time, but who could blame her. 

This guy is incredibly lame, starting to become mean, and is losing money hand over fist.  I want her to leave him, but I don't want her to go back to Ray, either.  She's a complex woman in a complex situation.

The episode concluded in the parking lot of the bowling alley.  After Jessica called Ray to see why he wasn't there, he came running to console her.  While the two of them were catching up, Lenore showed up.  She quickly introduced herself to Ray as if they were meeting for the first time. 

Now that many of the cards are out on the table, where will this go?  Will Lenore continue to work with Jessica?  Will she want her to get with Ray?  There are a lot of directions in which this could go.

Mind Bullets Review

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Damon: Pauly K calls me Gaymon.
Ray: What? Well that kid just got benched.

Darby: Do you ever wonder what kind of guy Dad would be like in high school? Paul Kosenevick.
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