Leverage Review: "The Gone Fishin' Job"

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At its best, "The Gone Fishin’ Job" offered a decent filler episode. It seemed like a standalone episode that could be shown at any time.

Here's why:

  • The team had just gotten back from “another job” that happened “off stage."
  • There was no mention of the mysterious Italian woman, or the long term mission.
  • No direct character development or over arching development.  
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Looking past the fact that it was written as a standalone episode, you are still left with an overall story was rather lackluster, bland, and clunky. Again, let's examine why:

  1. When Parker was “working” at the office, she was just - poof! - there. Not replacing someone or anything just a “new girl” legitimately? I was actually confused as to where she was at first when she was answering the phone.  At first I thought she had borrowed someone’s desk, and then she mentioned being her first day. What company drops people on the phone solo on their first day of work?
  2. The team “borrowing” the fitness club shown only in flashback seemed a bit awkward. How was Parker both taking calls at Whitmore office and out being an exercise instructor? 
  3. How did Nate have enough detailed records from a fitness club he just borrowed five minutes before to fool a former IRS agent with Hardison stuck in the woods?
  4. Was it part of the plan for Whitmore to be tipped off or did Parker really goof? There was no flashback so I assume that it was a true mistake. However, that leads to the question, how could she make such a mistake? Surely the team of all people would expect call monitoring.
  5. Why was Eliot so obsessed with fishing? Did I miss previous comments where he loved to fish? His obsession on wanting to go fishing and wanting Hardison, while minor, really felt out of place.
The only real highlight to this episode is that Hardison had some great dialogogue. Clearly, whoever wrote this is a huge Hardison fan as he had some of the best quotes this week. I really hope that we get back on track next week. There has been some really good writing this season, this just was not it.

What did you think of the episode?

The Gone Fishin' Job Review

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