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The episode opened with a mother and daughter sitting doing homework. A knock at the door found there was an IRS agent there to collect on the mother’s back taxes. After he threatened to take her house she gave him a credit card for the debt. The woman (Claire) met with Nate explaining that the man was not from the IRS as the money never got to them. Nate said not to worry they would get her money back.

Nate decided on a two prong attack against the man Hugh Whitman who took Claire’s money. Hardison and Eliot posed as IRS agents to spook the bank where Whitman has the money and Sophie posed as a woman who could offer him a safer place to keep his money. Hardison and Eliot did a good job, too good in fact as they were captured by heavily armed men as they left the bank.

Sophie and Nate got Whitman on the hook thinking he was putting his money into a health club as a way to laundry it. Hardison and Eliot managed to escape from the militia soldiers who captured them and ended up on the run through the woods. Parker discovered Whitman’s secret that he was funding a revolution with the money he was stealing.

Nate, Sophie, and Parker had their cover blown while in Whitman’s office and had to be creative to get out. When Whitman found out that his money was in trouble he went to the bank to withdraw all the money. Eliot and Hardison turned the table on the militia to stop them from making a car bomb and hurting civilians by blowing up the explosives.

Whitman took the money from the bank and went to the camp where the militia men turned on him and forced him to go back to the bank. At the bank the FBI was waiting for them and arrested him for having classified internal IRS documents.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Hardison: What's that smell?
Eliot: Fresh Air.
Hardison: I don't like it.

First rule of crime. Follow the money.