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Thanks, Leverage! This week's episode actually completed a request I had in a previous review, as we got to see more of the softer side of Eliot.

I was so happy they did not wait forever to show us how caring and protective Eliot can be. It was even more of a bonus to see him exploring his romantic nature. The scene with him and Kaylin together while she was showing him the better way to play a bridge on the guitar was incredibly well-written.

Her comment about holding on the feeling he was remembering regarding his lost love would bring a tear to even the most jaded heart.

I am actually sad for Eliot that he found someone to connect to romantically and was not able to hold on to it for very long. I also loved Kaylin’s nod to the love of Johnny and June Cash when she said: “We could be the next Johnny and June.”

Eliot on Stage

Moving on, "The Studio Job" gave us a great look at John Schneider as a bad guy. Really, Bo Duke as a wrist-breaking killer?!?

I didn’t think it would possibly work when I heard he was playing the heavy in this episode. However, my hat is off to Schneider. He did a great job of playing an absolutely sleazy record producer.

While the over-arching story of Nate and the team being blackmailed by the Italian woman did not move forward this week, I'm sure we will quickly be getting back to it as we are creeping up on the halfway mark for this season. I expect in the next few episodes we will see the Italian Hottie turn back up, demanding results from Nate and the team.

The weakest point in the episode was really Nate as Eliot’s manager. I didn’t really get why he (as a manager of talent) would have gone to a stranger for advice on dealing with a record executive.

But I'm willing to let that tiny point go. The rest of the angle fit together pretty well and sometime there are tiny hiccups in plots you just have to accept.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like seeing Eliot’s softer side? How did Nate take down the two thugs? Review a few Leverage quotes below and chime in.

Sophie: Sometimes you don't get a second chance.
Parker: Why?
Sophie: Rules of life.
Nate: Well, that is what we do.. We change the rules. | permalink
Parker: I don't think I am being strange enough.
Nate: I doubt that. | permalink
Kaylin: Have you ever been in love?
Eliot: Once, I promised her I would be there for her.
Kaylin: How did it end?
Eliot: I made the same promise to the US Government, and you can't make that promise more than once. | permalink
Parker: I am still unclear on where this "fiddle" is.
Nate: It just walked through the door. | permalink

The Studio Job Review

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Eliot: Hardison....
Hardison: Don't ever do the Smurf thing again?
Eliot: Riiiight.

Parker: I am still unclear on where this "fiddle" is.
Nate: It just walked through the door.