Bones Guest Star Idea Scrapped Due to Contract Situation

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Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino will not be appearing on Bones after all.

The reason this great idea was scrapped? Just a messy contract Situation.

According to executive producer Stephen Nathan, plans to have Mike, a.k.a. "The Situation," guest-star as a murder victim in a Jersey Shore tribute-spoof of the hit Fox drama have been scrapped, thanks to legal issues with his employer, MTV.

Lisa LoCicero will play the mother of the character, who will likely be played by an actual actor now. Which is sad in a sense, but probably for the best at the same time.


Bones will not be graced with Mike Sorrentino's presence.

“The Situation is not going to work out,” Nathan said of America's favorite guido. “There were so many contractual difficulties with MTV that it became an impossibility.”

“But the episode will still be our little tribute to Jersey Shore, and will do what many people in America would like to see themselves, which is one of those people dead.”

That last part was a joke, and we admit, we sort of laughed.

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