Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Spoilers: Who Gets Married?!

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After a harrowing sixth season finale in May, the Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital doctors are healthy and happy once again ... or at least on the road to recovery.

Some of the surgeons we love will have a more difficult time moving forward than others, and each doctor will grieve in his or her own way. What can we expect?

Here's what TV Guide has to say about how the trauma of the shooting impacts Derek in particular, a new love for Teddy and a marriage in the Season 7 opener.

Who do you think it is? Read on and share your thoughts ...

Derek steps down: In the season premiere, scenes flash back to post-trauma therapy sessions a few weeks after the shootings, then jump ahead two months.

Richard and Der

Derek's tenure as Interim Chief of Surgery is coming to an end. [Photo: ABC]

Derek is released from the hospital, still unaware of Meredith's pregnancy and miscarriage. "I think he'll be devastated," says Patrick Dempsey. "Seeing how quick life can be, I think they'll want to have a child even more. Why not create a life before you lose your own?"

To that end, Derek calls a staff meeting to announce he never enjoyed being chief and is returning the reins to Dr. Webber. "He's in mourning over the loss of the staffers [in the shooting] and feels responsible, which is why he steps down," adds Patrick.

"It's much better having the dynamic the way it was."

Teddy's new love: With the love triangle over, Teddy won't waste any time cuddling up to the new trauma counselor, Dr. Andrew Perkins (James Tupper).

"I make out with him in Episode 1," Kim Raver reveals proudly. "It was just like it was with Kiefer [Sutherland] on 24, where we met and had to kiss. Teddy's going to wonder if she's feeling so good in the relationship just because he's a therapist."

I do: One of the couples below says it. Read on and guess which!

Callie and Arizona? "The relationship takes the steps you take as you get deeper involved with someone," hints Sara Ramirez. "But Callie's been married, so that could pose an issue." Adds Jessica Capshaw: "I don't see Arizona entering into anything that's not ironclad."

Alex and Lexie? Lexie suffered a breakdown and Meredith is helping her cope. Alex opted to keep his near-fatal bullet inside his chest "to show off to the girls like a third nipple," says Justin Chambers (Alex). They hardly seem like a couple ready for marriage, though Justin says Alex would marry Lexie if he "knocked her up." Romantic!

Owen and Cristina? "They definitely take it to the next level," says Kevin McKidd. "The wedding could easily be them." But Cristina will be dealing with some post-traumatic stress of her own. "They've been through a huge amount in two seasons," notes Kevin, "and I think that Cristina felt burned by her last wedding [to Burke]."

Final hint (although it's not really a hint): Look for at least 1-2 of the parents of the betrothed to turn up for the nuptials. Thoughts on who might be tying the knot? Share your theories on that topic and all things Grey's Anatomy by leaving comments below!

Also, vote in our little survey ... who do you think it is?

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