Royal Pains Review: "Whole Lotto Love"

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With only a couple more episodes left of my favorite Medical show, I felt extremely disappointed!

"Whole Lotto Love" failed to impress me - maybe I am a bit biased, but last night's episode continued the decline of entertainment since "The Hankover".

Looking Very Sharp

Perhaps it's because I am confused by what's going on with Divya and Evan.

Divya is supposed to be getting married - yet now has the hots for some random guy? If there's anyone she should have the hots for - it would be Evan, right? Was I the only one feeling the sparks flying between them? Why would she be doubting her pending marriage over some arbitrary dude?

Then there's Evan. When did Evan's fake girlfriend become something real? Wasn't it pretty obvious (at one point) that he has/had feelings for Divya? He didn't even bother to open the birthday gift she got him! How rude!

Divya and Hank

Another failed relationship would be between Jill and Hank. All last season they were crazy about each other. Even in the beginning of this season they were getting it on - but now?? Hank simply moves on to that wretched Emily? Sometimes guys really should be using their other head to think about the relationships they get themselves into. 

Boris is finally back and seemed highly out of place to me. Every scene he was in felt forced - like the writers needed him to say something so we would be clear that he's back in the story line.

The one saving grace element of the episode

had to be the scenes with Eddie R. I just love how we can't be sure if his intentions are pure or for selfish reasons. Every bone in my body screams that he is up to no good, but the way he lights up when he's with his boys is just magical.

I really felt jipped out of a good storyline from last night's episode. Granted, it was neat watching a lower income couple hit the jackpot - but would they really have a wedding and invite none of their family members or old friends? What - are they too good to keep in contact with the people from their past?

There really isn't much else that I can say about this week's episode. I love this show and know that it can be something great - it has been before - so C'Mon writers! Show us what you got!

What did you think of it? Love it or hate it - let us know! Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Royal Pains quotes:

Eddie R: Carry on! | permalink
Eddie R: What's this? Twice in one week! I feel like I've won the lottery. | permalink
Divya: I never thought I'd get chocked up over a parrot at a wedding. | permalink
Roy: Yeah, this lottery curse is unbearable. | permalink
Divya: I'm engaged.
Jill: I didn't say anything.
Divya: I just crashed. | permalink
Divya: Have fun with your Cabernet.
Jill: I will. Have fun with your hot documentarian. | permalink
Evan: Can you believe that we have two weddings this weekend? That would be like a Katherine Heigl movie come to life. | permalink

Whole Lotto Love Review

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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hank: Hey I wanted to talk to you about Emily.
Jill: Do you really want to talk about it or do you feel obligated? Because you're not. We're cool.

Can you believe that we have two weddings this weekend? That would be like a Katherine Heigl movie come to life.