Rubicon Review: "Look to the Ant"

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Will received advice from the unlikeliest of sources on Rubicon this week, as Kale Ingram made it clear to his subordinate:

Yes, there's a conspiracy. Yes, I know a lot about it. But, no, I can't directly offer any help aside from these warnings. The question, of course, is whether or not Will can trust his shady boss.

This is a man who clearly played some role in bugging Will's apartment (and office... and phone...), as well as a man who viewers know has asked Maggie to spy on Will. But might that mission actually be in the best interests of his employee? Might Kale be simply doing his due diligence before deciding who he can work with?

Taken by Surprise

Following the events on "Look to the Ant," I'll say yes... for now. Kale did properly identify Edward Roy to Will, after all, a rather big piece of the puzzle Will was not even aware existed until Ingram stepped in.

We also saw Katherine Rhumer's storyline start to mesh with the overall conspiracy at last. Her late husband met a professor, who also committed suicide, on the board of Atlas MacDowell. Who else works for that company? Edward Roy. Interesting.

On a couple personal fronts...
  • Poor Maggie... and poor random translation class student. She's far too attractive to be so lonely - and he seemed like too nice of a guy to be whammed, bammed, thank you'd and sent on his way. I am a fan of the implied feelings between Will and Maggie, despite them never being acted on and the show not feeling a need to hit us over the head with why: his wife died on 9/11, remember.
  • I really thought Miles would admit to that translator that he wasn't married. But any attraction he felt for her was likely based around her help with George Boeck, anyway. Miles is as obsessed with this stranger as Will is with the circumstances surrounding David's death.

Overall, another strong episode. Arliss Howard is perfectly suited to play the mysterious boss, while James Badge Dale continues to say as much with his facial expressions and thought process as his words. I can't think of a main character in recent memory who has been given so little dialogue.

What did you think?

Look to the Ant Review

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