NCIS Season 8 Premiere Pics: "Spider and the Fly"

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NCIS returns September 21 with "Spider and the Fly." We've posted plenty of Season 8 spoilers revealing pieces of info about the new season, but have seen little ... until now.

When the death of a helicopter pilot leads NCIS back to Paloma Reynosa, Alejandro Rivera and their family cartel's vendetta with Gibbs, the team members become targets.

Here's a season premiere photo gallery ...

Gibbs Packing
NCIS Director Leon Vance
Gibbs and Mike Franks
Gibbs is on the Scene

Palmer Pic
Vance, Gibbs and Rivera
Dead Pilot
Ducky at Work
Gibbs, Sr.

As you can see, Muse Watson returns as Gibbs' mentor, Mike Franks, and Ralph Waite is back as Jackson Gibbs, whose fate appeared to be in jeopardy on last season's finale.

Will Gibbs' father survive? How will Gibbs' relationship with Vance be affected by the Hernandez case? How will he and the team ever overcome this formidable, lethal threat?

We'll find out for sure in less than three weeks when the eighth season of TV's top-rated drama begins. For now, all your NCIS theories and comments are welcome below.

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