Rubicon Review: "In Whom We Trust"

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Rubicon accomplished a few impressive feats on "In Whom We Trust." To wit:

  • It turned Ingram into a full-fledged hero. The guy is still sketchy, and it's unclear what is knows and how long he has known it for (perhaps his long-running silence has resulted in numerous deaths, such as David's)... but, come on, who didn't do a little fist pump when he made it very clear to Maggie's ex that it was time to leave town?

I also enjoy the pleasure Ingram takes in acting mysterious. It may be frustrating when that involves withholding information from Will, but it's fun to watch when he tells his partner how "good" he is, with a big smirk on his face, and we know it's because he's managed to remain "off the grid" from Spangler and company despite the presence of their bug.

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  • It's created an interesting world without showing viewers a single thing about it. I'm referring to the Kateb-based plot going on somewhere thousands of miles away. We've only heard about these people and their actions through conversations at API, yet the storyline remains intriguing. I let out a little gasp when Miles said George was dead.
  • This has as much to do with Lauren Hodges' portrayal as it does the writing, but the show went through multiple therapy sessions with Tanya in about 60 seconds, finally resulting in her admission that she has a major problem, without the storyline feeling rushed. How much time do we think has gone by since Tanya failed her drug test?
The solid episode, which continued to shed light on how any association with API can screw with one's life, left me with a few other questions, as well:

Should Will trust Andy? Will Miles ever make a move on Julia? How soon until Grant is divorced? Is Donald Bloom officially the most frightening assassin on television? There's something extra scary and perverse about a man that takes such pleasure in his lethal work.

What did you think of the episode?

In Whom We Trust Review

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