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Will reaches out to Katherine this week and they meet on a NYC bench. She shows him the four-leaf clover and also tells him about the other Atlas McDowell board member who killed himself 20 years ago. It seems like these two will work together to figure out what's going on...

...until Donald Bloom shows up on that bench one day and threatens Katherine and her parents. Once she leaves, Will walks by and see this dangerous man. They lock eyes and we later see Truxton ask Bloom if Will saw him. Bloom says yes, which pleases Spangler. Katherine does take a risk to end the episode, though, sending Will the photo of her husband and others - the same one her lawyer friend sent her, with the clover drawn on the back - in the mail.


- Maggie's ex leaves their daughter alone for hours in a hotel room, and then threatens to file for joint custody when Maggie shows up, flips out and takes her daughter away. She tells Kale about this, who responds by showing up at the man's place, packing a bag for him and making it VERY clear that it's time to go.

- Kale also finds a bug in his apartment. Still, he manages to avoid being outed as someone helping Will because during the aforementioned Spangler meeting, those following Kale make it clear he's doing nothing wrong and/or is an expert at going off the grid.

- We see Tanya working in the basement and sorting papers, as she has lost her clearance due to her failed drug test. She admits to a counselor that she needs drugs or alcohol in almost every phase of life. In a nice scene near the end of the episode, Grant helps Tanya with her boring work... mostly so he can avoid going home to his wife.

- We also learn that Kateb is alive and planning something. He's taken out other operatives the team was keeping an eye on, such as George Boeck.

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