Terriers Review: What a Fustercluck

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A felony robbery. A mentally handicapped new character. A dead body and growing police suspicions.

No wonder this week's episode of Terriers was titled "Flustercluck." That's exactly what Hank and Britt found themselves in, as the FX series ratcheted up the action, and the stakes, for these main characters.

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I have to applaud the writers for going at such a perfect pace over the first four episodes. After laying the groundwork for the Hank and Britt friendship, Terriers grew a bit darker last week, and then really upped the ante on this installment.

Britt even acknowledged as much, asking Hank to focus at one point because he was committing a felony and all.

Now, we have a lot more than just two friends who share witty banter and an old truck. We have a couple of small-time investigators dealing with a dead body, hundreds of thousands of dollars, a detective on their case and who even knows what sort of dangerous players behind the company that killed Mickey.

Of course, we still have the banter, too. I can't think of another show on television that would have one character casually tell the other a joke as they embarked on a dangerous mission. Gotta love Britt's reaction, straight-faced and confused, after Hank didn't laugh at it: Pretty sure I told it right.

The personal stakes were raised for Hank, as well, with the introduction of his sister, Stephanie (played by Donal Logue's real-life sister). I have no idea in which direction the show will go, now that Steph has found Lindus' body, but I'm anxious to find out.

Important note: the ratings for Terriers haven't been great. So if you have friends, family members or pets that would enjoy an interesting, humorous show that delves deeper and deeper into its characters and storylines each week, you know where to direct them!

Fustercluck Review

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