Life Unexpected Review: "Music Faced"

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Okay, people, before I get to my review of "Music Faced, I want to take a minute to let everyone know that I do love this show! So much so, I make people begrudgingly watch it with me and sometimes I've even been known to shed a tear or two.

With that said, lately, this show hasn't really impressed me. Everything is just too predictable. To wit:

Cate and Haley
  • Cate continuing to take the birth control pills after she told Ryan that she wanted to try and have a baby with him. Hello! Obviously, he would find them in her purse. Cate hiding the pills from Ryan didn't even last longer than an episode. If she really didn't want to get caught, wouldn't you keep the pills in a less obvious place?
  • Baze and Emma hitting it off. The moment that we were first introduced to her character, I knew that she was the one for Baze. Isn't there a saying about love and hate? That there's just a fine line? Well, the second these two love birds got thrown in concert jail (what the hell is that anyway?), I knew it wouldn't be too long before sparks were flying!
  • Eric bringing Paige as his date to the concert. Okay, so he met her there, but the minute I saw these two sitting next to each other at the basketball game, I knew this would be his rebound girl. It was funny watching both Eric and Lux act surprised by this awkward situation. I know I'm not the only one out there that wasn't blown away by this turn of events.... was I?
  • Tasha and Jones hitting it off, followed by Lux's reaction. Since three's naturally a crowd and Lux is smitten over someone else, can you really blame a guy for trying to get some with the next best thing? Every scene involving these two lead up to the kiss. And of course, Lux doesn't want to share Jones. So she gets mad at Tasha. Really, who would have seen that one coming?
  • Ryan once again forgives Cate for something that most people would just leave someone high and dry for. And Cate realizing that she still has feelings for Baze. I doubt this love triangle will be going anywhere anytime soon.
Ryan with Mia

    Even though every scene is so predictable and you can figure what will happen out five steps before it actually happens, I still love tuning into this show. Perhaps it has to do with the dynamics each character has with one another.

    I like watching the mother/daughter relationship unfold between Lux and Cate. It's kind of endearing to see them bond in a way only a mother and daughter can...and have it always be unfamiliar because their relationship is so fresh.

    And, don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see what transpires between all these romantic relationships that are blossoming. Hopefully, Jones and Tasha really do hit it off and the same goes for Baze and Emma. What do you think?

    Until next week, here are a few of my favorite Life Unexpected quotes from tonight:

    Baze: To moving on.
    Cate: To moving on. | permalink
    Jones: This is fun, hanging out with you.
    Tasha: Well, I'm no Lux.
    Jones: Tasha, I came to the concert because you asked me. | permalink
    Ryan: I cannot be married to you if I can't trust you. | permalink
    Ryan: Does the truth ever occur to you - ever? | permalink
    Baze: Our mistake was asking permission. We don't ask. We take. | permalink
    Ryan: I can get used to this trying for a baby thing. Want to try again? | permalink
    Tasha: Is this edible underwear?
    Cate: Bye. | permalink

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      Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

      Tasha: Is this edible underwear?
      Cate: Bye.

      I can get used to this trying for a baby thing. Want to try again?