The Mentalist Review: "The Red Ponies"

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Ah, that was a nice break from Red John.

On “The Red Ponies," The Mentalist treated viewers to an episode that wasn't as emotionally dark as earlier installments this season.

Tea Lover

Jane definitely gave us our lighter moment with a scene that made me laugh out loud.  He tried to protect Sam from Barnes by confronting the latter with nothing but a leather riding crop. 

Barnes then picked up some sort of long metal tool (I couldn’t make out what it was) and went after Jane.  With all bravado gone, Jane’s reaction was priceless as he tried to run:  “Whoa.  Hang on.  Whoa.  Whoa.  That’s not fair.” 

Thank goodness he had Lisbon backing him up or he could’ve been the next person with a crushed skull.

This episode even seemed to poke fun at how Cho and Rigsby have been chasing suspects from cheap motels this season.  Rigsby yells, “Oh no, not today,” as they have to again chase down a suspect from a second floor balcony.  At least this week Rigsby didn’t need to jump.

Was anyone else wondering if Jane was risking Van Pelt’s safety by putting her on that horse?  Granted, the animal didn’t seem wild - but if he really wasn’t sure about its temperament that could have gone horribly wrong. 

I was glad Rigsby called him out on that at the end. The guy definitely owed Grace more than a pizza, didn't he?

What did everyone else think of this break from the heavy toll Red John often takes on the show's characters and viewers?

The Red Ponies Review

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