The Vampire Diaries Review: Plan B... Ware of Katherine!

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Before delving into this week's review of The Vampire Diaries, we have a message for readers: send condolences to Nina Dobrev ASAP.

In a dueling montage to open "Plan B," the actress was stuck making out with half-naked versions of both Paul Wesley and Taylor Kinney. The poor girl. It's a living, we guess.

Those sexy scenes were a couple of the only light moments in an especially dark, shocking, exciting episode of the show. We witnessed Damon go all Jack Bauer on Mason, Jenna plunge a knife into her gut and Katherine provide us with a likely answer to this question. Just great stuff all around.

Going Jack Bauer

Let's start with my one complaint: the reveal of Mason and Katherine's relationship was a bit lame. Bonnie simply bumped into the werewolf and saw a vision of him kissing the evil doppleganger. Had we even seen her use this power before? It always seemed like she simply sensed whether or not someone was human, but that was the extent of the ability.

A show about supernatural beings always has to be careful about making up rules/powers as it goes along.

Still, that's a small issue because the discovery of this partnership set in motion a string of exhilarating events that changed the fortunes of almost everyone we know in Mystic Falls. To wit:

Welcome to the war, Jeremy. This character has sat on the sidelines for over a season, often just whining about his difficult life and serving as someone Elena needs to protect. But he wants to be a major player now, even if it means joining forces with the guy who snapped his neck a couple weeks ago. Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Caroline proved her mom right. She really is a stronger, more confident teenager now. Unfortunately for the relationship between this pair, that meant she had to go through with the mind compulsion, even against her mother's wishes. Major props to Candice Accola for her acting in this scene. She killed it (pun... intended!).

Heartache turns into heartbreak... literally! Wow. Did anyone actually expect Damon to kill Mason?!? Shades of this vampire's humanity appeared to be coming out after he realized Mason was just like him (only less dashing and intelligent), seduced by Katherine's charms and being manipulated. But that's what makes Damon such an intriguing character.

He can sympathize, he can feel pain, but he can also do what needs to be done. In this case, for the sake of everyone he cares about, that meant ending Mason's life in a manner that would make Jack Bauer nauseous. Damon can also be a smart ass, of course, and that contributed to Katherine putting her back-up plan into motion. As always, Ian Somerhalder was amazing in the scene where Damon apologized to Elena for his actions.

Other thoughts/questions:

  • So the moonstone enables a werewolf to turn any time he wants. But why does someone as powerful as Katherine want to take advantage of this? What is her agenda?
  • What was the sound you made when Jenna stabbed herself? I'm not too ashamed to admit mine came out as jipes!
  • Note to writers: can everyone stop referring to Alaric as "Ric" please? I used to love when Damon did this just to be snarky, but now the show clearly wants to change the guy's actual name.
  • I'm not going to stop... until he kills me. Will Matt actually be the one to die? Or will the show throw us yet another curveball and have someone intervene in an upcoming fight between him and Tyler and take the fall?
  • Katherine didn't win, Elena! This battle isn't over just yet.
  • The tension between Damon and Bonnie dissipated a bit this week. Might we have seen the seeds for Bamon Donnie planted?

We say it every Friday morning, but another fantastic episode. Did we miss anything? What was your favorite/least favorite/most shocking moment? Did Elena and Stefan really need to break up? Sound off now!

Plan B Review

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