90210 Spoilers: Guess Who Will Be Making Out...

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Over the next couple episodes of 90210, two burgeoning couples will kiss.

Can you guess who they'll be?

The answers: Teddy and Ian; and Silver and Navid.

According to E! News, Teddy will actually be the one to initiate a smooch with the fellow student with whom he's already, drunkenly hooked up. Look for this stage to be set when he visits a male strip club next week and ends up calling Ian for help/support.

Growing Tight

As for Silver and Teddy, the look they shared this week will escalate into at least a make-out session that will "shake things up for everyone," sources say.

Don't feel too badly for Adrianna, though: expect her to get her diva on over the next couple episodes. She'll move into a mansion and end up treating Victor like such dirt that viewers might actually feel bad for this slime ball. Might, we say.

Which of these hook-ups are you most looking forward to?

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