Cougar Town Review: "When The Time Comes"

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I don't know why the writers decided to call their show Regretfully We Give You Cougar Town because it's more like a present to open every Wednesday night.

On tonight's episode, "When The Time Comes", Jules prepares to have Thanksgiving at her place. Trav and his roommate come home for the occasion. Did anyone really think Trav wouldn't be there? That would have been an interesting turn of events that the writers could have taken.

A Cougar Town Thanksgiving

In any case, these two new lovebirds have to spend the holiday apart. And like most sickeningly cute couples, they Skype with each other. But not just any old Skyping! This not only was pure brilliance, but  is something I will try out the next time me and my boo are apart. Yes, I said boo.

Jules and Grayson head out grocery shopping and bump into his ex wife. Of course Jules would make it awkward by giving her one of her Jules hugs. Sometimes I wish I could just grab this woman, shake her and ask what in the world is she thinking?!

This awkward moment is topped by an even more awkward moment when Jules tells Grayson that she loves him and he doesn't say it back.

Yikes. This is probably one of the most cringe worthy situations you can get yourself into in the beginning of a relationship. You never want to be that guy. You know, the one that puts it all out there and gets nothing in return. That's why my best advice to all you ladies out there - wait until your man says it first! Otherwise, you may run around trying to make Thanksgiving sexy...

Really Jules, sexy Thanksgiving?

In all fairness, I must admit Jules did a pretty great job putting sexy back into the turkey day. I don't even think Mr. Timberlake could have done a better job. Everyone was dressed to their tens for this very special non-sexy, but now sexy, holiday.

Before Grayson could even appreciate the sexiness that was Thanksgiving, Jules made him try her stuffing with oysters. He could barely escape and make it to the toilet to throw up from his allergic reaction, yet, Jules was determined to make him say that he loves her.

Thankfully Andy was around to stop her from sabotaging her relationship. But, why would Andy be outside looking for his ring at the same time that Jules runs outside? Coincidence? I think not.

Throughout the season, I've come to realize the mastermind that is Andy. He is a super genius on all levels and if I were to ever meet him, I would bow down to the greatness that is him.

Andy was able to pull off the positive thinking so well that I decided to order The Secret once the show ended. I loved how he was able to compare his positive thinking to reggae music. Bob Marley himself would have been proud.

Overall, this was no boring Thanksgiving episode. Probably one of the more unusual, less sappy ones I've ever seen. Especially with the whole Katy Perry change of attire thing Laurie was sporting. Really, what did that have to do with anything?

Until next week, I leave you with a few of my favorite Cougar Town quotes from last night and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Grayson: Jules. What I was going to say before you poisoned me is that I am so lucky to have found you. | permalink
Jules: Ah! Big Carl! You can almost fix everything. | permalink
Jules: (to Grayson) Hold my hand. It can still be romantic! | permalink
Ellie: Thanksgiving is not a sexy holiday. | permalink
Grayson: (to Jules) I'm happier with you than I've ever been in my life. | permalink
Laurie: (to Ellie about Andy) I'm going to beat the optimism out of that man. | permalink
Jules: What did he just say?
Laurie: Got me!
Ellie: Razzle dazzle. | permalink
Andy: Everything goes my way. You know why? Because it will. | permalink

When The Time Comes Review

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