Hawaii Five-O Review: "Po'ipu"

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There was a lot to love about "Po'ipu." This was an action-packed hour filled with hired assassins, gun fights and a few unexpected twists.

However, some things were lost among the crashing waves in this week's Hawaii Five-0. Read on to see what I mean.

The Entire Team

The sexy assassin was billed as the episode's raison d'etre, but she ended up being nothing more than a plot device. Fortunately, her small performance was employed well, and while there was not a lot of her on screen, her actions - from the opening of the episode, to her surprise bus ride into the pavement halfway through - stuck with me. I definitely learned a fancy new place to hide a garrote.

Meanwhile, the action sequences were all well shot and added to the suspense of the episode. They kept things fast-paced and interesting, but were not gratuitous. They serviced the story.

Danno had a few choice things to say about the assignment to protect General Pak, and his jealousy/suspicion of McGarrett's old friend and former comrade, Nick Taylor, was both endearing and a tad unfortunate. I know Danno doesn't have much of a filter and he goes by his gut quite often, but his distrust of Taylor acted as a big flashing warning light to the audience - so that when the character's true intentions came to light, it didn't come as the surprise I believed the writers wanted it to be.

One of the other nice little tidbits I enjoyed was seeing Kono assess the initial crime scene with Chin. It served as a nice reminder that she's still a rookie, learning the ropes of detective work. It was a fine bit of character insight.

Putting Out a Fire

The scenes with General Pak were a mixed bag. I could see where some sympathy for the character was trying to worm its way in, despite all the information and comments made to inform the viewer that the general was not a good guy. He was a killer whose war crimes in his country had yet been unanswered.

I'm not sure if the character's confession - that he was seeking political asylum so that he could testify and admit what he had done - was meant to make the audience understand why he should be protected, but it didn't quite work with me. What did convince me that it was okay for this horrible person to be protected were the simple words from McGarrett: "It's my job."

Overall, the episode was fun and exciting. The few hiccups it contained were not enough to keep me from enjoying the thrill ride it offered, and it all left me looking forward to what further adventures might await the Five-O next week.

Po'ipu Review

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