Bones Spoilers: The Tipping Point For Brennan

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Brennan will be plunged into an existential crisis this week on Bones. That much has been widely documented for weeks now. How she responds to it will be the interesting part.

In case you haven't heard, a major Brennan-centric episode airs tomorrow, and the Bones clips we posted yesterday hint at the reason why: A case that resonate like no other.

Brennan's investigation of a workaholic doctor's death forces her to examine her own personal life (or lack thereof), and to take some bold action, TV Guide says. The result?

A Better Look

Bones is the best at what she does ... but at what cost?

"We see her feelings about [Booth and Hannah] more," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She's trying to make the best of it, but it's extremely emotional for her."

Oddly, Brennan's move may elicit more of a response from Hannah than Booth.

"The relationship that these two women begin to forge is going to determine, to a large extent, what happens between Booth and Brennan," Nathan says, cryptically.

Theories on what Bones does, and how it will impact Booth and Hannah?

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