How I Met Your Mother Review: And You Say He's Just a Friend...

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Absence definitely made my heart grow fonder, but there was no Mermaid Clock ticking away on this episode.  I was in love with it the moment I set sail.

Coming off a bye week, I had hoped for something special from the writers and Barney’s Mermaid Theory was an instant classic.

Attempt at Bonding

The Captain can be a little creepy, it’s true. Yes, he told Ted and the guys they were “looking smart” and he probably uses words like “slacks and trousers,” but I can’t help but like the guy.

He had to know going in that marrying a trophy wife like Zoey would put the scent of blood in the water and that the sharks would circle his boat eventually. I give him credit for letting her hang with Ted as much as he has. Zoey’s popularity has been debated by fans of the show, but I hope for the sake of the Captain that she and Ted remain just friends. 

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Marshall was great when he revealed he figured out what, exactly, about the Captain was so bizarre. The way he burst through the apartment door and blurted out his realization was very Cosmo Kramer-esque. He and Robin were epic in their awkwardness toward each other. Not sure I would ever be able to see her as a manatee, but kudos to the big cat for his restraint.

I’m sure the vomiting helped a little.

Loved Zoey’s Anchors Away ring tone for The Captain and the use of the theme song from the film Crimson Tide as background music when Ted boarded The Captain’s boat. I don’t think it's a stretch to say that Kyle MacLachlan, dressed in khaki, red and yellow was a second nod to the 1995 Tony Scott, submarine thriller.

The scene where Ted, Barney, Lily and Robin are eating Chinese food on the couch rang true, and left me drooling. I love scenes where people eat take-out straight from the containers. Something about it always makes the food look delicious.  It took every ounce of restraint I had not to order up some dumplings and General Tso’s chicken myself.

The Captain and Ted

It set the scene nicely for the Barney/Lily juxtaposition. That storyline was scripted perfectly and quite possibly the best of the season. 

I laughed the whole way through, whether it was when Barney angrily hovering over a bowl of ice cream and emotionally telling Lily to “save it” or when he explained that through breast-feeding, a manatee can become a mermaid once again.  When those things swell up to three times their normal size, so do I. Wow.

I swelled, but it was my heart that did so, when Lily thanked Barney for saving her and her baby. So happy for her and Marshall. There are few couples with better chemistry on television. I would be remiss if I did not add that I’m definitely interested to see why Ted showed up in the green dress.

When The Captain Goldie Hawned Ted’s cell phone Overboard, I couldn’t help but think of Ed Harris’ descent in The Abyss as The Captain described in detail the phone’s torturous trip to the depths below.  Can you hear me now? No, because you’re on the bottom of the sea.

Zoey’s mermaid clock ticking away, as the scene in the pub with her and Ted closed out, was a nice touch.

From bow to stern, this episode was ship shape and got me excited to see how the remaining episodes play out. I’m particularly excited to see if Alex Trebek can unseat Bob Barker as the greatest Game Show Host cameo role of all time. Until then, enjoy the following How I Met Your Mother quotes from this half hour:

Lily: Whenever we're alone you spend the entire time undressing me with your eyes, you even take off my shoes.
Barney: High heels chafe my shoulders. | permalink
Robin: Right, Marsh Madness?
Marshall: No doubt, Robo Cop.
Lily: You two never hang out alone. You just made up those names right now. | permalink
Barney: Mark my words, Marshall, someday you will find Iris so excruciatingly attractive you won't be able to look her directly in the boobs. | permalink
Lily: Anytime a single guy hangs out with a married woman there are rules that must be followed. Rule number one...
Barney: Don't use the husband's condoms, that's just rude. | permalink
Lily: And the most important rule of all...
Barney: Lubricant is public property. | permalink

The Mermaid Theory Review

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Lily: Anytime a single guy hangs out with a married woman there are rules that must be followed. Rule number one...
Barney: Don't use the husband's condoms, that's just rude.

Robin: Hey Captain, quick question. What do you think about the Jonas Brothers?
Marshall [covering the right half of the Captain's face]: He hates that he loves them.