It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: "Dee Gives Birth"

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It looks like last night's episode of It's Always Sunny, "Dee Gives Birth" will serve as the season finale.  I know, I know.  FX promised us thirteen episodes, but it appears that the thirteenth episode will just be an edited airing of the already released "A Very Sunny Christmas." 

I hope I'm wrong.

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But if last night's episode was the finale, it was a very fitting, full-circle ending to the season.  This overall arc has been about Dee's completely ignored pregnancy, and it was kind of nice to see the guys exert effort in order to find the father, even if it was for selfish reasons again.

Last time?  They were concerned one of them was the birth father.  This round? To make sure they wouldn't be the surrogate fathers, in the Three Men and a Baby sense.

Who really cares was the motivation was, as long as it involved the amazing array of men known as Dee's exes.  There were the obvious inclusions like Army Ben and the recent Bill.  There were the more obscure men like the Korean bus boy and the possibly mentally handicapped.  There was the mandatory wild card, Cricket.  And then for some reason, there were the bridge people.  Not that we're complaining about the latter.  They're hilarious.

The ending and the great reveal of the father was very clever.  If you haven't watched the episode yet, stop.  Spoiler alert and all that crap.

Making the Tranny the father was not only surprising but completed my concept of full circle as this season began with the Tranny episode, "Mac Fights Gay Marriage."  It also, as the gang expressed, kept the baby from ruining the show's working formula and chemistry.

It was a very clever, sweet episode, even if it wasn't as funny as some previous efforts.  Plus, it featured Cricket smoking crack in the maternity waiting room while the bridge people DJ'd.  Oh, and Dennis' Weekend at Bernies  antics and references to Nordic gods in his speech?  You can't complain when an episode features that.

We'll leave you with some Always Sunny quotes and we'll be back next week to cover the first broadcast of "A Very Sunny Christmas," as the unfitting season finale.

Dee Gives Birth Review

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