The Closer Review: High Crimes, Praise

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This is The Closer I love, and The Closer I will truly miss when the show goes off the air after the 2011 season.

The show's ability to infuse humor into an investigation is quite a gift for this cast, and each has a unique part to play. Combine them with a string of crimes at medical marijuana dispensaries, and you have ensemble magic.

High Crimes Scene

Provenza was in rare form on "High Crimes," as he brought years worth of crime-solving and interaction with drug dealers to his view on the crime. Line after line was brilliantly delivered, and the others played off of him and egged him on.

When Chief Delk heard him call marijuana "Mary Jane" and Provenza expressed his inability to care about the dispensary owners since they are essentially drug dealers, Delk assigned him as liaison to the medical marijuana community.

It was odd seeing Delk try to fit in. He's already making changes, assigning jobs not ordinarily given to Major Crimes, and stepping over Pope to get the job done. Every member of the team feels put out and takes the crime lightly, to start.

When there is a murder, they pull all the stops to find the killer. In one scene, they are staking out the next dispensary they believe will be hit. Sanchez is dressed in a cross of 60s and 70s hippie garb and Gabriel has two earrings in his ears. It may not sound as strange as it looked, but seeing them surrounded by lava lamps and Christmas lights made them look so out of place you couldn't help but giggle.

I've never been to a medical marijuana dispensary, but if they want it to be considered a regulated drug, it might help if it were sold in an actual pharmacy and not in stores that look like every movie's dream of a pot store.

The ones that have popped up around my town of Denver sure look like what The Closer portrayed from the outside, so I'm guessing they're pretty spot on. It really does make it difficult to take them seriously.

Because the show now has an end date in mind, it seems that anything can happen from here on out. Fritz is really insinuating himself in Brenda's career, and she's not taking it well. She loves what she does. She's also incredibly good at what she does.

One thing we've seen during the tenure of The Closer is that Will Pope rarely gets involved in the actual cases. Chief Delk thinks that Brenda's skills would be better utilized as the Assistant Chief of Operations, Pope's position. Try as I might, I cannot see his point of view. She runs a brilliant team and it seems her insight and ability to "close" the witnesses in cases would serve the LAPD much better than if she were to sit behind a desk.

I've never even understood what Pope does, but it certainly isn't interesting. Fritz wants her out of harms (and Pope's) way, Delk wants her behind a desk; Brenda wants to continue to do what she loves. There will certainly be some friction as the short season progresses, and it will most likely mean big changes and turmoil as the last season winds down next year.

I can only hope that they don't take themselves too seriously and can continue to deliver episodes such as "High Crimes." It's when they are able to have a good time while solving a case that the cast really shines. I'd prefer The Closer to go out on a high note, wouldn't you?

High Crimes Review

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The Closer Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Delk: How old are you?
Provenza: Six chiefs and counting. Which is how I know that if you deal drugs, you vastly increase your chances you'll end up dead. I'm looow on sympathy here.
Delk: That's too bad. Because as of now, you're the LAPD liaison for the medical marijuana community for the rest of this investigation.

Brenda: What else do these eleven stores have in common?
Provenza: Other than free love and patchouli oil?