Cougar Town Review: "No Reason To Cry"

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The first Cougar Town episode of 2011, "No Reason To Cry," delivered laughs and tears, as we finally heard Grayson tell Jules he loved her.

However different they are from each other, Jules and Grayson really work. In fact, they are probably one of my favorite TV couples. Lets' hear it for Team Juleson!

Major Kissy Face

But before Grayson manned up, Jules became the Angel of Death by killing three various animals. First, there was the dove. Who saw that one coming? Better question, who waters their plants with a skillet? That bird didn't stand a chance.

Next, she runs over a squirrel and finally steps on a lizard. Anyone from Florida knows how gross it is to step on just a lizard's tail, but the whole enchilada? Pretty wretched.

Andy and Ellie, as usual, get into a fight for something Andy did wrong. But this time Ellie really had some good points. Everything they do is shared with the cul-de-sac group and the little name teasing game was something they shared just as a couple. Andy realizes the error of his ways and finds a new thing they can do just between the two of them with the help of Tom.

By the way, how awesome is it that the writers bring Tom in all the time? He reminds me of Eeyore. I just want to help him find his tail some friends to love him.

Elsewhere, Bobby is the epitome of that really good-looking guy that is able to just get by off of his looks. No need for a brain, Scarecrow, when you got a killer smile and nice bod. Kirsten ruins everything when she enlightens him with world events.

The best scene had to be when the gang came over to her house and chaos ensues. Trav tried to warn Kirsten, but it was far too late. They got pulled into the Cul-de-sac Group anyway.

The silly title intros have yet to become old, so until next week, let's embrace the stupid title and lose six pounds - because we all know home much we love this show! Oh and here are a few more of my favorite Cougar Town quotes from last night:

Andy: My favorite movie is actually Love Actually. Oh! There's a sequel. | permalink
Kirsten: Are we really at a dead lizards funeral in front of your moms house?
Trav: You did this to us. | permalink
Grayson: Put Big Carl down.
Jules: No. He understands me. | permalink
Bobby: Yeah baby! The world sucks, but who cares? | permalink
Andy: I'm sorry this sucks. But, this is what happens when Dove's cry. | permalink
Tom: Hey guys what's up? Did someone have a pillow fight outside here? | permalink
Trav: Dad the world today go:
Bobby: Well, I should know oil spilled, black President I love it, people watching movies on their cell phones and ohh Lady Gaga. | permalink

No Reason To Cry Review

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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Jules: Did you know that doves mate for life?
Grayson: I did not.

Grayson: I almost killed a lizard.
Jules: Oh great story.
Grayson: Thanks I worked on it.
Jules: Yeah go sit down. I'm making popcorn.