Greek Review: The Return of Ashleigh!

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The latest installment of Greek, “Cross Examined Life,” featured our favorite characters asking questions and exploring their current situations.

There was Casey and her place in law school, Ashleigh and her future, Rusty regarding Dale pledging, and Calvin and Cappie in philosophy class.

Casey in Class

I always love seeing odd pairings of characters, with Cappie and Calvin being no exception. Watching these two stoned was hilarious, but also brought some serious conversations to the table.

As for Dana’s murder mystery dinner party... what can I say? I personally have never attended one of these, and can't say this made me want to. Themed parties in college are supposed to be fun and different, not sure if mystery theater in an apartment qualifies.

Now to the highlight of the night: Ashleigh is back!!! Who cares if she got fired, quit, or left. How great does she look with that super straight and shiny hair? Although this season is only a few episodes in, Ash has definitely been missed.

(P.S. If you were having Ashleigh withdrawal, you could have checked her out on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. She was pretty awesome.)

Good for Casey for standing up for herself once again. I am always saying that she is able to do so, but I am starting to wonder why she always has so many things that require defending. Catherine coming back will definitely be a plus for Casey and I'm looking forward to watching them interact. Hopefully, they will shut Evan out like he did to Casey.

Overall, a pretty solid episode. Our girl returned and we saw Dale in a new light. What did you think? Are you glad to have Ash home? Are you looking forward to Catherine coming back?

Cross Examined Life Review

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