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Rusty is having a hard time with Dale pledging Omega Chi. Dana and Rusty throw a murder mystery dinner party to introduce Dale to a girl and get him away from Omega Chi. Dale still chooses to pledge and Rusty finally is ok with the situation.

Casey is being exiled in class because the students think she slept her way into law school. Catherine shows up as a late transfer, exciting Casey that she will have a friend.

Ashleigh arrives back at Cyprus after quitting/getting fired/leaving her job in NYC. Casey and her decide they should leave Cyprus since Ash has no job and everyone hates Casey in law school. They realize they are adults and can’t run away from their problems.

Calvin and Cappie work on a philosophy project together and get stoned trying to figure out the meaning of life. Casey finds Cappie high and gets angry and Calvin admits he has no major.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

It's more of a permanent vacay because I got fired.


We started watching Lost from the beginning to see how many questions they never answered.