Jersey Shore Review: "Free Snooki"

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Following a special Monday night episode, the Jersey Shore gang is back for another wild night of drinking and partying. First order of business, get Snooki out of jail.

That actually happened right away, despite the somewhat misleading title. If you were hoping for a sad, pensive, regretful Snooki after Monday's debauchery ... come on.

"It was embarrassing," she admits, but that didn't deter her for long.

JWoww and Tom Break Up

JWoww's relationship problems took center stage last night.

After speaking to her dad getting a lecture from him about how he wasn’t upset with his little girl per se, but rather disappointed, Snooki vowed to lay off the alcohol.

That lasted a little while, until she concluded that pregnant women still drink wine, so she can too. This was but one of many all-time Jersey Shore quotes last night.

Another classic was this: "This is the things I think I’m addicted to: Bronzer, boys and alcohol. I’m f@#ked up." Give it up for Snooki-JWoww therapy sessions, right?

Meanwhile, Deena hooked up with a guy who looked exactly like Ronnie. Fake Ronnie even takes after real Ronnie. He blatantly lied to her about having a girlfriend.

Mauling commenced. It was beautiful in a trashy, diseased way. The gang had a lot of fun with Ronnie's doppelganger for sure, and how can you not ... look at him.

As Vinny said, they got to hang out with Ronnie while he's with Sam.

A bulk of the episode was devoted to Jenni and her boyfriend Tom, who are having problems. Meeting Roger and Tom’s attitude ultimately pushed JWoww away.

It was time to (duck) call it off for the Woww. It didn't end well. We now know that a nasty lawsuit and legal battle have erupted over her "stolen possessions."

What I love about this show is that despite the fact that it glorifies people who can act like white trash jackasses, there remains an oddly human element to it.

The Situation calls it his "family," and it really does feel like you're watching one, however dysfunctional and increasingly famous. We honestly felt bad for Jenni.

She's crazy and possibly on steroids, but she and Nicole are sort of cute to watch as friends. Her relationship drama also seems relatively non-contrived. Weird.

For TV Fanatic, it's a love-hate relationship. Like Ronnie and Sam, without the bitchiness. We hate that we love it each time we watch ... but we keep coming back.

Free Snooki Review

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We got the best of both worlds. We got to hang out with Ronnie while he's with Sam.


It's kinda like a disease to Snook-for-Love. It's worse than a staph infection.