Shameless Review: "Frank the Plank"

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The second episode of Shameless - titled "Frank the Plank" - had a more dismal tone than its highly-rated premiere. 

We got to see a lot more of the alcoholic enigma that is Frank, and let’s just say that despite William H. Macy’s fabulous method acting, it wasn't pretty.

Frank in Jail

Karen’s father sees Frank and head butts him because of what he caught Ian and Karen doing.  In case you forgot, Karen is the little blonde thing who stated “science turns her on.”  Frank, in turn, goes home and head butts Ian in the face.  Steve goes after Frank for hitting one of the kids, but Fiona throws him out. 

You can tell from these scenes at home that Fiona is truly the parent, the one who rules the roost.  She really drives that point home later on when she tells Frank to never hit one of her kids again.

The next day, Frank is missing, sending the kids into a frenzy.  Apparently, the fact that he’s missing isn’t new, it’s the fact that he’s missing on disability check day that is so alarming. 

The kids run around the city checking bars, parks, even dumpsters and coffins, but no Frank.  When the cop (who totally crushes on Fiona) tells them that Frank is stuck in Toronto, Fiona puts some signs together and realizes that Steve was behind it.

Why would Steve drop her father off in another country?!  “Because he has a family he doesn’t give a shit about.”  Since that’s not his problem, Fiona once again kicks him out, but this time tells him to fix his mistake.

Steve, Kevin, Veronica, and a strange stranger, take an RV up to Canada to smuggle Frank back.  Once returns, greeted by a bunch of waving Canadian fans, he fights with the kids and sets out to find another place to sleep.   It’s during this fight that we find out Frank spends about four times more money a month at Alibi’s than he does taking care of his family.

Back at the Alibi, after another conversation with Karen’s father (this one non-violent), he heads over the Karen’s to take advantage of her mother, Sheila, the alleged agoraphobic and nymphomaniac; and the accusations her husband made are certainly true.

Did you ever think you’d see a Macy and Joan Cusack sex scene? Hello, left field!  Well, girlfriend is kinky, first handcuffing him to the bed, then pulling out a box of goodies with a huge huge dildo that she intends to use... on Frank.  Frank goes to sneak out later on, walking bowlegged and in pain when he sees that Sheila has a home-cooked meal, cold beer, two Tylenol and a tush pillow waiting for him. 

Guess Frank found himself a place to stay after all!

Frank the Plank Review

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