Archer Review: "Pipeline Fever"

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Fresh off back-to-back Archer episodes that focused on the bigger overall story arc, we were taken back to a standalone episode as we headed to New Orleans in "Pipeline Fever."

Lana and Archer Airboat Ride

For an episode about Archer and Lana heading to The Big Easy in pursuit of a terrorist, there was almost no action save for shooting an alligator and the episode played more like a single-scene play or a cartoon equivalent of a bottle episode.  And you know what?  I'm more than okay with that.

Thanks to the amazing chemistry between Aisha Tyler (Lana) and H. Jon Benjamin (Archer), their scenes while trapped on an air boat made for a very hilarious half hour of television.

Unfortunately, the B story taking place back at ISIS headquarters as Malory attempted to make the office green, was not nearly as strong.  Other than the always reliable Krieger and his scary genetic engineering gone wrong, most of the scenes served as annoying distractions from the strong A story.

Continuing the trend of season two, Reed treats us to more back story of our favorite characters including how Lana how got hired and even more importantly how she once rocked a fro that made her look like the love child of Angela Davis and "Sweet Lou" Dunbbar.

But what would one of my Archer reviews be without a breakdown of some of my favorite obscure references and repeated jokes?

  • The aforementioned reference to a lovechild between Angela Davis and "Sweet Lou" Dunbbar.
  • Archer's reference to his Hermès ties.  Thank you fashionista cousin for teaching me that brand!
  • Archer's man crush on Burt Reynolds returns with plenty new obscure movie references!
  • Speak obscure movie references, how about the various references surrounding The African Queen?
  • "Lana. Lana.  LANA!"
  • "Also, yes."

You know where to find the rest of our favorite Archer one liners and quotes from the episode.

Pipeline Fever Review

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