Coming to Gossip Girl: Rufus-William Drama

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Wait, Rufus is still on Gossip Girl? Nice.

We were getting confused there. Guy's become part of the scenery, albeit handsome scenery. Lily outfits him in some quality scarves, we've gotta give her credit.

The beloved father on Gossip Girl will soon return to the spotlight when Billy Baldwin reprises his role as William van der Woodsen, beginning Monday, February 28.

Eric's Two Dads

William's return causes tension for Eric, reports Connor Paolo.

“Between Eric and Serena, Eric has a much closer relationship with Rufus ... he does not really have a relationship with his biological father and whenever he shows up, it’s a threatening thing with Rufus, and Eric tries to back up Rufus," Connor tells EW.

"[This] creates a bit of a riff as you can imagine,” he says.

Thankfully, Eric is turning 18 soon ... or is it thankfully? “It’s not what you’d expect for an 18th birthday,” Paolo says, “but then again, what ever is on our show.”

True that, E. True that.

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