Greek Review: "Homecoming and Going"

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Talk about a promising premise.

On "Homecoming and Going," the KTs were planning an epic party, and all of our favorite characters were there. Yet, for some reason, the episode seemed to drag along, resulting in a letdown that lacked the typical fun of a Greek installment.

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It was nice to see Cappie in his KT element, but still talking with a grown-up. Also, Pledge Spidey’s dad turned out to be pretty cool.

Rusty and Spidey’s antics of stealing the goat was okay, but not what I expected after the pranks we have seen the KTs pull. Although it did lead us to Rusty becoming Spidey’s big brother. Let’s hope this turns out better than it did with Andy.

Ashleigh and Casey got into a big argument, which made me pleasantly surprised. We have never really seen these two go at it. The situation will lead us to what looks like two promising storylines: Ash and Casey’s professor and a situation with Rusty.

Professor Segal could be an interesting addition and I, for one, am hoping to see more of this delicious teacher, both in and outside of the classroom.

The Rebecca and Evan relationship is becoming a bit boring. It is the same thing over and over again. Rebecca wants Evan to attend things with her and he is too busy with law school. Something good better happen with these two soon, or they will really become unnecessary.

On a sidenote, how cute were Calvin and Heath? Cal took the stripper news surprisingly well. Love these two together!

So... Casey got drunk and ended up at KT’s Everest party. This ended with Cappie and her back at her room and hooking up. We all know where Greek will take this storyline. Should be interesting to see it play out.

Homecoming and Going Review

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