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It’s Homecoming weekend and the KT’s are preparing for an epic party called Everest. Pledge Spidey’s dad stops by to check out the house and make sure his son is having a great experience. He talks with Cappie about the real world.

Rusty and Spidey steal their rival school’s mascot, impressing everyone. Realizing they haven’t done big brother assignments, Spidey chooses Rusty to be his.

Casey and Ashleigh butt heads over their living situation and Ash’s lack of a job. They get into an argument at an alumni function after Casey tells her to get her own place or move in with Rusty. At the end of the party, Casey’s Professor Segal buys Ashleigh a drink.

Calvin and Heath attempt to talk about more serious stuff. Cal finds out about Heath’s stripping and paper service and tells him about him not having a major. They end up telling each other “I love you.”

Rebecca goes to see Evan and spend time with him but he just wants to go to bed.

Casey goes to the KT party and gets drunk causing Cappie to take her home. They hook up in Casey’s room.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I just have to figure out the whole paying rent to a landlord thing.


I'm so glad to have my happy go lucky Spitter back.


Greek Season 4 Episode 5 Music

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Emergency Emergency Lights On iTunes
Hurts like hell Hurts Like Hell American Bang iTunes
Its a wilderness It's A Wilderness Apteka iTunes