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Despite promos claiming a possible break in the mystery identity of A, viewers were treated to another stalling episode of Pretty Little Liars this week.

This has become quite the routine for the show, so the bait-and-switch tactic with the mysterious hiding space in the air vent wasn’t all that surprising.

However, "Je Suis Une Amie" delivered the least amount of helpful evidence yet, especially because of the strange Braille message from Toby. Still, this installment did give us a closer look at the characters of Paige and Caleb, who might turn into possible romantic interests.

Being Creepy

Caleb has been an interesting addition to the cast. As a late-comer, he hasn’t met with the same suspicion as other characters, despite his shady dealings. Having helped Hanna last week, he’s expecting her to introduce him to some of her rich friends. His desperation for money becomes clear when the girls find out that he’s staying at the school.

Hanna is able to get enough information about his past to make him into the tortured, brooding type that is always so attractive to teenage girls. Hanna can’t help but feel sympathetic for him and dismisses Spencer’s words of caution. With Caleb staying in her house and even starting to care enough about Hanna to comfort her, it’s definitely possible that something might happen between the two.

But what about Lucas? He’s been disregarded since the school dance, and it looks like he might be passed over yet again for another guy.

Meanwhile, Emily’s problems with Paige seem to be resolved now. However, I wonder what caused Paige to show up at Emily’s house late at night to apologize. She claimed that Emily had every reason to hate her and, while it’s true her actions last week were pretty awful, her reaction seemed a little extreme.

The two appeared to bond at the end of the episode and next week’s promos show more moments between the two. Paige might just be confronting some truths about herself, but she’s still a little suspicious.

These minor characters took a good chunk of the episode, but attention was also paid to the developing Aria/Hanna drama. Aria was definitely slow to realize what was happening between her parents, but it was good to see that she didn’t automatically accuse Hanna after receiving a suggestive text from A. And it was also great to see Hanna actually be honest with Aria. Creating some tension between the girls is definitely A’s main goal, but I really wonder why A has been making Hanna especially miserable?

Hanna’s gotten the worst treatment from A, so A might have more problems with her than any of the other girls. Could it be Mona, her former BFF? She’s definitely cruel enough to punish the girls this way, especially Hanna.

The episode did provide somewhat of clue regarding the person who may be framing both Toby and Spencer. Although initially hesitant to trust Spencer (You never do anything without a reason), Toby warms to her and accepts her French copy of "Catcher in the Rye."

But, possibly under pressure from Jenna, Toby ends their tutoring sessions by giving back the book. Toby does leave a message in the book that says, “I found this in Jenna’s room... you may be right.” The message also contains an etching of something written in Braille. But what did it say? Does anyone know? This had to be the most frustrating and cryptic “clue” the show’s ever given, making the supposed cliff-hanger rather unsatisfying.

Je Suis Une Amie Review

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