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"Panic Roommate" featured the continuation of the feud between Eric, Damien and Ben as well as separate Chuck and Blair antics, as our official review discussed.

For further examination, we turn to one of favorite pieces of Gossip Girl media coverage, N.Y. Magazine's patented reality index. Behold, the weekly +/- scale:

  • Raina is frantically dry-humping Chuck like he’s … well, Chuck. Plus 3.
  • Serena says whether she likes Ben is not Dan’s business. Except Dan’s in love with her and she forced him to live with Ben, Plus 4 for Serena logic.
  • Finally! Everyone remembers Ben is a psycho whose sister drugged Serena half to death. Plus only 2, because wait, why is she not in jail yet?
  • Nate: "I wasn't that selfish, was I?" Plus 1, because of course he knows he can get away with being medium selfish, after all, look at his face.
  • Of course Serena, when Eric is in his second time of need, leaves Dan and Nate to go take care of him so she can be alone with Ben. Plus 4.
Serena at a Party
  • Ben: “I never meant for Juliet to do what she did.” Whatever Ben is, he sort of seems to be honest. So when he somehow brushes over the fact that he forced Juliet to go through with all his plans, against her will, such that she had to cut off relations with her sugar-daddy cousin, it has to get a Minus 10.
  • How did Russell Thorpe get in the kitchen at the Palace Hotel? They don't just let people do that. And how did he know that's where they were? Minus 4.
  • How does Ben have such a well-tailored suit? Minus 5.
  • When Damian turns up on Fifth Avenue to meet Eric, he is winded, as though he is actually running from the law. Minus 1. And Damien’s freaking out about his dad cutting him off? He’s a drug dealer. He has a job! Minus 4.

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