Breakout Kings Review: "Out of the Mouths of Babes"

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What's more frightening than an escaped pedophile? How about a man falsely imprisoned for being one and/or the real predator who's allowed to walk free?

The appeal of Breakout Kings is twofold: likable characters and compelling chases. "Out of the Mouths of Babes" delivered on both counts.

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Joseph Ramsey was imprisoned for sexually assaulting eight-year old girls. Then, he escaped and the team had a realistically emotional response when it came to catching him. For Lloyd it was about focusing on the clinical, where Charlie chose to focus on the chase. Both courses of action paid off in different ways.

Every week I become more interested in why Lloyd was imprisoned. He's odd but brilliant and he seems to care about the people around him. What did he do that bought him a 25-year sentence? 

Just when it seemed Lloyd's only interest in the case was analytical, we witnessed his focus shift from the criminal and the crime to the victims. There were more of them than we realized. Joseph Ramsey was innocent. His arrest and conviction was the work of a terrified child pressured into a confession by her distraught mother and her father, who was the actual molester. Add an inadequate social worker and an overzealous prosecutor and Ramsey was an innocent man spending 60 years in prison.

Lloyd gave us an inside view on why a child would accuse the wrong person. His description was as compelling as it was scary because it made perfect sense. Lots of frightened, well-meaning people and one manipulative monster helped put the wrong man behind bars.

Charlie's fixation on catching their escapee was pragmatic, although a bit disheartening. Ramsey was still a fugitive. Exonerating him wasn't their job. But Charlie seemed to be choosing the work over the people in all aspects of his life. I loved when Lloyd jumped all over Charlie for telling Erica to bottle up her feelings and do the job. For a woman with anger issues, that was a recipe for disaster. 

Then, everyone else on the team recognized the dangerous road Charlie's marriage was headed down. He and his wife hadn't had a vacation in years. The job always came first.  His team tried to jokingly tell him to change his ways. Ray went so far as to recommend his own divorce attorney. Charlie was worried about proving he's worthy of the job; he should have been equally concerned about saving his marriage.

When Charlie made a pitstop that allowed Erica to see her daughter, it showed the entire team that he actually cared about them.That small gesture should pay off down the road.

Breakout Kings offered up another engrossing case and continued to make me care about these characters. As long as that continues, I will happily come back for more.

Out of the Mouths of Babes Review

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