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The team is after an escaped child pedophile this week.

- Joseph Ramsey, a convicted pedophile escapes from prison and goes to find his eight year old accuser, Tess.

- The team tracks Joseph, who also goes after his attorney and the social worker on the case. Lloyd figures out that Joseph isn't out for revenge. He's looking for the people who can help exonerate him.

- Tess was molested but by her own father not Joseph. The little girl was too scared to tell the truth and accused an innocent man. Inadequate investigation and overzealous prosecution lead to Joseph's conviction.

- The team find Joseph and arrest him but Lloyd and Julianne manage to convince Tess to come forward. Her father is arrested.

- Erica's ex refuses to let her see her daughter. Charlie compels the man to let Erica visit.

- Charlie cancels his vacation plans with his wife, Marisol because of the demands of the job. Frustrated, Marisol takes the trip with her girlfriend instead.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

What do you think we think? That your favorite porno is Home Alone?


Shea: Oh snap. You dig Julianne.
Lloyd: Dig? What are we in the third grade?