Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Monsters in the End"

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Following the most action-packed, mystery-revealing episode of Pretty Little Liars yet, let's get right to the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table.

What did lead critic Teresa Lopez and fans Kate Sage and Tara Gans think of "Monsters in the End." Read on. Find out. Chime in with your own take on these topics...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Teresa: My favorite was definitely Spencer kissing Toby in front of her family. No one can keep these two apart.

Kate: When Melissa accidentally revealed that she hasn't been to Hilton Head. What does Ian have over you, Melissa??? It must be good if you're willing to fake a pregnancy/abortion/miscarriage and let your sister become a person of interest in a murder.

Tara: How about my favorite scene that did NOT happen? When Toby (the knight in shining armor) rescued a trapped Spencer from the clown room. It would have been so cute! Instead, it was terrible Ian.

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What's scarier: finding out you and your best friends have been secretly videotaped for years by an unknown murderer ... OR ... the clowns in the funhouse?
Teresa: Oh, those clowns were terrible. The stuff of nightmares!

Kate: The videos of the girls were absolutely chilling. It makes it so much more creepy that Alison was happily smiling and flirting with Ian on the video from the night she died, though. Like, shouldn't she have been wary of videos after seeing all the ones that she had locked up?

Tara: Clowns. I hate their tricks.

Was it wrong for Mona to read Caleb's letter to Hanna? Was is right for Hanna/Aria to set up a fake Facebook account to get intel on Ezra?
Teresa: Wrong on all counts. There are no excuses for snooping.

Kate: The writers did a good job on this. Mona's personality would totally snoop and interfere in Hanna's life. No friend should make decisions like this for another - Hanna had a right to read that letter. Meanwhile, Aria has integrity, and didn't go through with her fake "website" account. Props to Aria... and forgiveness to Hanna - she was just operating on emotion in suggesting it to Aria, I don't think she would have gone through with it in her own life, either.

Tara: Mona was just trying to help her friend, and Aria just wanted the truth about Ezra. As long as they are honest in the end, like Aria was, then it's okay. Mona will tell Hanna about the letter, too, just wait.

Samara vs. Paige: Who is better for Emily?
Teresa: Samara is such a better match. After Ali and Maya, Emily really needs a relationship without drama.

Kate: Emily needs to take a break for awhile. Maya to Paige to Samara... just take some time for yourself, girl! Get your thoughts straight, work on your relationship with your mom, solve Alison's murder, catch A, and take your time figuring out what kind of girl you want to date.

Tara: I still think Maya will come back and win over Emily. Paige and Samara are just rebounds.

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