Supernatural Review: "...And Then There Were None"

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So, the Mother of All has a name: Eve.

With a name like that, someone named Adam has to be not far behind. Right?

I admit it would be nice to hear a new plan from the bad guy. I know the typical goal seems to be death, destruction, and domination, but at least Crowley wanted to try and control Purgatory. Plus, how powerful is Eve? Is she on God's level, Lucifer's level, or a plane all on her own?

"...And Then There Were None" returned to that major storyline and focused on Eve's newest creation: a yet to be named parasite that crawled into the ear and took control of the human body. Sounds like the worst case of earworm ever.

Dean and Rufus

After some investigation, and Bobby wearing a suit, the trail led Sam and Dean to reunite with Rufus, Samuel, and Gwen. Someone should probably have told them that a gathering of more than a couple hunters usually doesn't end well.

In this case, it led to the deaths of three hunters. Yes, three.

First, there was Gwen Campbell, who came as a surprise simply because Dean pulled the trigger. It was unfortunate she hadn't been around longer for her death to have a dramatic impact. She was never a bad person. Misguided? Yes, but never evil. It's too bad she had to die.

Sam's headshot to Samuel was an even further surprise. I hadn't expected his story to end so abruptly. Plus, Sam wasn't possessed when he fired. What made him shoot? That was certainly a mouth hung open moment.

It would be disappointing if that were the last time Samuel was alive. He had a lot more story to tell about his background and his vast knowledge of the supernatural. He may have been a shady guy, but he served as an interesting opponent for the boys.

Hopefully, he comes back to life for some final revelations. If not, at least Dean was able to deliver the line, "Welcome to next time," to him.

The final shocking death involved Rufus. Although, after Gwen and Samuel, I had a strong feeling it was coming. It's sad that it was his friend Bobby who ended up killing him. He was a great character who has appeared multiple times with fantastic results.

If anything, the episode illuminated a bit of Rufus and Bobby's past. The two were clearly similar to Sam and Dean when they were younger. Even the story about Rufus mentoring Bobby added some great character development. I wouldn't mind seeing an episode focus on a younger Bobby and Rufus in action either.

The episode concluded nicely with a speech about forgiveness and a clean slate, but frankly, I was expecting more. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of great moments, but I was left feeling as if something was missing.

A long six weeks until Supernatural returns, hopefully the final stretch pays off.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off below.

...And Then There Were None Review

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Rufus: We're here. Let's do this. Just like old times.
Bobby: Well, as long as I get to drive.
Rufus: Hell, no.

Rufus: I take it you know each other.
Dean: He's our grandfather.
Rufus: Somebody needs a hug.