The Defenders Season Finale Review: All About The Bromance

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They argue. They jest. They spit out a tenacious verbal back and forth of witticisms. They're the frat brothers of the lawyer world and their motto is bros before, well, murder cases.

The season finale of The Defenders, "Morelli v. Kaczmarek," took this point to the forefront when Nick and Pete decided to separate. Wait, separated? How could they!?

It was all for the sake of tactic, and the chance to pick teammates like it was schoolyard dodgeball. Although, I don't know why Zoe wasn't picked first. Her bubbly demeanor brings positivity in the gravest of cases, and she completes every task without question. After all, she got Nick shoes made from baby cows.

Jerry O'Connell as Pete
Don't worry, Pete. The band will get back together.

Unfortunately, the dissolution of the law firm didn't come without its downside and some angst that clearly needed a slow moody rock song in the background. I kid, but there was a tension that was difficult to watch. The fact that the fun and playful joking twosome seemed angry at each other in the courtroom, felt like the world was out of balance.

There may be a constant argument between Nick and Pete from how to run a case to what type of food to eat, but it's simply a part of how they work together. They thrive off the banter and this episode illustrated it to perfection.

Nick and Pete arguing on the rooftop over which client would get to take the deal was a great example of their rapport. Pete continuously calling Nick so he can make a phone call to the ADA was hilarious. Even Nick throwing his phone and betting his car could beat Pete's rounded out the moment.

The whole premise behind The Defenders is effective because of the way that these two characters work harmoniously. They bring their unique personalities to the table and through a fantastic chemistry, not only make up the team, but the reason for an enjoyable hour. Like Frank Sinatra Jr. said, they make each other possible.

What also works, but wasn't incorporated till later in the season, was ADA Cole's partner. Played by Jim Belushi's son, Robert Belushi, ADA Nicholson provided a balancing effect between the Defense Attorneys and The Defenders. He allowed Cole to have his own supportive colleague, as the two tried to dish out their own jabs and humor against Nick and Pete. It's great watching the two sides attempt to best each other in the buddy lawyer vs. buddy lawyer constant struggle.

One minor complaint I did have about the episode was the return of Nick's separated wife. While I didn't mind her appearance, it had been so long since she had screen time that I didn't recognize her. She added an interesting aspect for his character, but I thought Nick had already moved on. Maybe, it's not that simple? Plus, whatever happened to his son?

Stars of The Defenders

Overall, this was a great way to end an entertaining season. There was plenty of banter and camaraderie, some mixed in drama, a victory that came without a courtroom verdict, and reiteration that the show is about Nick and Pete. Additionally, with the return of Frank Sinatra Jr., who appeared in the pilot episode, the finale felt like the perfect bookend.

While it wasn't as relationship heavy or filled with clues and crazy cliffhangers, The Defenders did provide an entertaining and easygoing hour. Here's to hoping the show gets a second season and more amusing moments between the chemistry fueled friendship of Nick Morelli and Pete Kaczmarek.

Morelli v. Kaczmarek Review

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