Some "Food for Thought" on Dr. Hawkes on CSI:NY

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While tonight's episode provided some "Food for Thought" about Dr. Hawkes' character the surrounding case was hardly surprising. I blame the previews for the episode.

Sheldon and Girlfriend

I'm sure I sound like a broken record when I mention the way episode previews keep spoiling little plot points that could have made the story more interesting if I hadn't already known they were coming. Lately, I've been trying to avoid the previews for fear a crucial story element will be revealed and give me a head start in solving the week's mystery.

So, had I not known the exploding food truck in this episode was a front for a prostitution ring that part of the story would have been a more fascinating red herring than it turned out to be.

The food truck plot turned out to be rather dull, but thankfully the secondary plot about Dr. Hawkes and his new relationship refocused my attention and concern.

Dr. Hawkes started dating Camille, viewers might remember her from the episode Smooth Criminal. It was good to know that their past relationship could be rekindled, and act as more than just a throw away bit from a single episode. Camille was being a slight temptress, and acted as a catalyst for Dr. Hawkes to make some bad choices. He called in sick when he wasn't, was late for work, and unfortunately let himself be exposed to an illegal substance that appeared in a random drug test.

I was pretty certain that by the end of the episode Mac was going to have to lay down the law regarding Hawkes' behavior. Instead, Mac's reaction was much more understanding than I thought it would be. Dr. Hawkes walked away from his indiscretions with a friendly warning, but I have to really wonder if the good doctor has learned his lesson.

In any case I'm glad the character has this new relationship, and I look forward to seeing how it ends up playing out.

What did you think of the episode?

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CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Camille: I'm throwing a party and was wondering if you wanted to come by.
Hawkes: Babe, didn't we almost just die?
Camille: Why do you think I'm throwing a party?

Jo: So all this time we've been looking at food trucks we should have been focusing on fine dining.
Mac: Let's go see if murder is on the menu.