Gossip Girl Spoilers: What's Next For Chuck?

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The personal and professional struggles of Chuck Bass will be front and center when Gossip Girl returns April 18. EW has some teases on what's to come for him ...

On whether Chuck and Dan fight over Blair:

Not literally, but, "if you’re a Chuck and Blair fan who is hating on the Hump, prepare for your hate to diminish a bit after the first episode back (airing April 18)."

Bass Off the Hook
Blair and Louis on Set!

On the arrival of Prince Louis from Paris:

Chair fans "won’t be excited to see the Prince. Something happens just before his arrival that will make you want to shove him back in the limo and send him home."

On the redemption of Chuck Bass:

“Chuck will continue to grapple in these last five episodes with Bass Industries and all the secrets that he is learning,” says executive producer Josh Safran.

“Blair has always been the one place he can go to talk about those issues - as witnessed at the end of the last episode, where he is like, ‘I need to talk to Blair.’”

Translation: Blair will be there to break the fall.

Think that means Chuck is the frontrunner in the ongoing debate of who Blair gets engaged to? Is Dan out of the running? Who do you think the lucky guy is ...

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