Hart Hanson Speaks on Bones Season Finale, Spinoff Episode, Pregnancy Possibilities

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In a conference call with reporters this week, Bones creator Hart Hanson discussed the "game changer" at end of this season, tomorrow's "crossover" and more.

Hanson also talked at length about a couple of pregnancies - Angela's on Bones and Emily Deschanel's in real life - and the implications of each on the Fox hit.

TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to listen in. Some excerpts appear below ...

On what the season finale title, “The Change in the Game,” means:

"The last two episodes of this season I think are going to run the whole gamut of tone that Bones does from, I’m going to say A to Zed, but I better say A to Z."

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"A lot happens in those last two episodes, and I think the title of the season finale, 'The Change in the Game,' is about as much as I want to say about it in any kind of detail. I just think it’s going to be one of those shows that the Bones audience will talk about and enjoy hugely. If anyone feels there’s an anticlimax to it, then I totally failed in my job."

On Booth's emotional journey in season six:

"I’ll tell you this - we’ve been building all year to something. I would hate to say what it was, but we’ve been building all year and I’d hate to cheat the audience in any way out of the experience that we’ve worked really hard to get them to. That is in there."

On how Thursday's spinoff episode, "The Finder," came to be:

"There’s a line that I put in the Finder crossover/pilot episode where Walter says to Brennan, 'It’s amazing how many times people ask me to find something and the real treasure is something else altogether.'"

"Good stories are generated by people after a tangible thing or outcome, and then if what they really want or their desires are at odds with that then you get a good story. It seemed to me that doing a series based on a guy who could find things, both tangible and intangible, for people would be a really good idea for a series. It just generates so many stories."

"The idea that being a crossover really appealed to me because last year when I went to do a pilot I was away from Bones for weeks and weeks and this being a Bones episode meant I didn’t have to leave home.  That I could keep an eye on getting through the end of the season on Bones while doing this spin-off at the same time, so it just all came together."

Michael Clarke Duncan on Bones
Geoff Stults on Bones

On the unlikely two leads:

"Casting the Finder was hilarious. I mean the part played by Michael Clarke Duncan was originally written for an old, skinny white man, and instead we got Michael Clarke Duncan who is none of those things, and Geoff Stults - the role of Walter Sherman was a bit darker. He had some brain damage in Iraq and had a darker side, and then this man came in - Geoff Stults came in to talk to us and read the part and he was just really funny. He feels to me like some - if we don’t make him a star on Finder somebody else is going to grab this guy and make him a star." 

On Emily Deschanel's pregnancy:

"Season Seven [may] be a curtailed season in some respects. We don’t know how much yet. We have a lot of things to figure out about how to deal with Emily’s pregnancy, never mind anything we decide to do with Brennan and there are an infinite number of ways we could deal with the pregnancy. We can hide it. We can not hide it." 

"We have a plan right now. I’m going to be stubborn about saying what our plan is going into Season Seven. We’re shooting the final episode of Season Six right now and we’ve had no cause to show or hide much of Emily. She’s not showing all that much yet. That will happen soon but if I told you how we were going to proceed into Season Seven, it would give you too much information on how we intend to get out of Season Six."

"Do we do shows without Emily? Do we simply shutdown when Emily’s not available and thus do 16 or 18 episodes or do we do a few episodes without her? These are all choices that we have to make."

On whether Angela and Hodgins' pregnancy problems were planned from the onset:

"I always think of Angela and Hodgins as just the greatest couple in the world. They don’t have very many internal problems so they have to go through obstacles that come at them from the outside and watch them deal with it. As things stand now in our Bones show, the baby has a 75% chance of being born fine - with the sight absolutely fine - and a 25% chance of being born blind. We just want to see how that looks to Hodgins and Angela, and I think it’s alright to say that the season ender has a lot to do with the birth of Angela and Hodgins’ baby. We’ll find out then how they are going to proceed in their lives as a family."

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